Tekkit – Ambassador Elections

Hey guys, we have a pretty cool idea we would like to test out. We are adding a new rank called Ambassador. Only one person can be Ambassador at a time. This person is elected by other players (anybody can vote in-game). Elections will be held every 3 months. To start out, we are limiting it so that one person can only be ambassador two times in a row. However, after someone else has a turn, you are eligible to be Ambassador again for another two terms if that is what the players choose.

What does the Ambassador do? They are the voice of the players. The Ambassador will be given full access to our to-do list, and are allowed to reorder it however they want. This means that the Ambassador gets to pick what updates come first, whether it be bug fixes or new features. Note that the Ambassador cannot make up their own updates, only choose from the ones on our to-do list (which is 4 pages long at this point in time, so lots to pick from). However, the Ambassador may suggest updates to the staff team, and if we like them, we will add it to the list. At that point the Ambassador can move it to the top of the list. On top of this, Ambassador is given all the perks of the Divine rank for the duration of the term (no warp though). After the term has finished, the Ambassador will be changed back to the rank they had before winning the election, provided they are not re-elected.

How does someone get elected? Easily! To vote, all you need to do is /votefor <name>. For example: /votefor Arrexel. You can change your vote at any time. It is not finalised until elections close. All votes are private during the election period. Once elections are closed, we will post a list of the 5 players who received the most votes. Note, you can vote for anybody: ranks, staff and even yourself. Choose whoever you think will do the best job. Keep in mind though, just as in real life, politicians can not always be trusted. Candidates may lie to you just to get your vote, and end up using the rank for their own benefit. Vote carefully!

If you aren’t sure who to vote for, head over to the Tekkit – Politics section of our forums by clicking here.

Since this is our first run, elections will run starting today and go until the end of March. This way elections will line up perfectly with each quarter.